Ross Livingston October 2016

Ross Livingston

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with Terry and Sindy!

First, they were very helpful as we planned our arrival, offering recommendations on our drive from Edinburgh (the drive between Selkirk and Moffat was stunning!). A side effect of the amazing drive down from Scotland was that we were delayed in our arrival. Nevertheless, Terry cheerfully greeted us and showed us around their place. He repeatedly offered to get us anything we needed. We settled in and had a great night’s sleep. Breakfast was the real highlight of our stay! Sindy was so kind and gracious, and her full English breakfast meant that we weren’t hungry again until evening. It was delicious, healthy, and very filling. And their local ray honey really set the meal apart. And finally, before we departed, Terry and Sindy very patiently and thoroughly gave us recommendations for our visit to Cumbria, including some time-saving tips and local/insider recommendations that made our visit to the area truly amazing. Our only regret is that we could only spend one night at Terry & Sindy’s.
Thank you for the lovely breakfast, the great company, and the very helpful advise. We loved our short stay in Cumbria.


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